Multi Effort (M) Sdn. Bhd (MEMSB) was founded by Mr. Chandragesan in 08.08.08. MEMSB provides construction services. Our specialist capabilities are as follows:

Civil Works

Structural Steel – Supply and Installation

Roofing - Supply and Installation

M & E – Supply and Installation

Our team of experienced and responsive employee provides an efficient approach for project delivery, offering clients original and highly buildable construction solutions in the Civil, Structural Steel, Roofing and M& E works that satisfy their cost and time requirements.
As we developing ourselves, we fully understand that we work in an environment where initiative is encouraged and excellence is rewarded. We believe that an innovative and enquiring approach is the best way to address our client’s challenges. These help us to shape our performance and engineer the world.
At Multi Effort (MEMSB), we understand it is no longer adequate to execute projects as we have in the past. In light of this thinking, we have developed the experience and expertise to provide the technically feasible and cost effective viable solutions needed in these constantly changing and demanding conditions.

Organizational Motto

The Services offered by Multi Effort (M) Sdn. Bhd. encompasses dynamic construction solution, which could fruitfully be realized through our efficient supporting employee. The success we realize in our every move, with each of our clients could be realized through our Quality Motto ‘Zero Defect Days’, which lays emphasis, Quality without compromise’. Our Organizational Motto are:

Total Client Satisfaction

Absolute Quality

On Time Delivery

Dedication to Safety

Organizational Goal

It is the policy of Multi Effort (M) Sdn. Bhd. (MEMSB) to continuously strive and achieve quality performance in meeting the requirements of the clients. Total quality performance means understanding that the client is, what their requirements are and meeting these requirements in a stipulated time, in the best possible manner.

People and Network

Our greatest assets are our people and network that we have created from the day we started our business. From our dedicated team construction teams, fostering and growing relationships is the core strength of our business. We remain true to the founding values of quality, commitment, hard work, safety and integrity in all of our actions.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do and every service we provide to our customer. In every project, we have created a relationship that we strive to add value of ensure the best outcome in terms of cost, time, safety and quality. Whether in construction technologies and delivery solution to ensure the best solution is achieved for our client.


Multi Effort’s quality assurance procedures adopt the international standards which are comprehensive and fully enforced to ensure the work deliver with the quality requirements and total client satisfaction.

Safety, Health and Environment

Our mission is to achieve and maintain the highest level of Safety, Health and Environmental control in all areas under our company’s operations.